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  1. easy-off-anti-graffiti-paint-remover

    easy-off Graffiti Remover

    easy-off graffiti remover is so effective at dissolving graffiti and lifting tags that removal jobs get done in a fraction of the time. easy-off is 100% non-hazardous and HSE classification free so COSH assessments take seconds and environmental impact is kept to the very minimum.

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  2. easy-on-coating

    easy-on – Protective Coating

    easy-on is a revolutionary graffiti prevention coating which also protects interior and exterior walls from scuffing, marks and stains. Simply brush, roll or spray apply a single clear coat of easy-on over anything you want to protect for up to 20 years.

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  3. easy-on+ Anti Bacterial

    easy-on+ Anti Bacteria Paint

    easy-on+ anti bacterial coating is perfect for all situations where hygiene is essential. Providing anti bacterial protection in hospitals, vets and food preparation areas, easy-on+ incorporates Akacid (plus), a biocide proven to disrupt the cell surfaces of bacteria and reduce hospital acquired infections including MRSA, E Coli, Salmonella and Listeria.

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  4. Insultec

    Insultec Heat Reflective Paint

    InsulTec is a range of coatings and membranes with a remarkable ability to stop heat transfer. By applying a coating to the external surface of a building, InsulTec will “re-radiate” 95% of solar infra-red rays and 85% of Ultra Violet Rays back into the atmosphere.

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