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Graffiti Prevention & Removal

easy-on graffiti prevention coating

If graffiti vandalism is an ongoing problem for you, we provide a range of coatings that offer up to 20 years of protection against graffiti and chemical free cleaners that are easy to apply and prevent the need for harsh chemicals.

easy-on provides a protective barrier, suitable for a range of surfaces, that simply prevents inks and paints from being able to penetrate the substrate of a surface and leave a permanent mark.  It’s so powerful that any ink, paint and marker graffiti can be removed with hot soapy water.

We have successfully deployed easy-on on a diverse range of surfaces from buildings and fences, to transport vehicles, road signs and local playgrounds and picnic areas, and caravan parks. It has proven to be extremely popular with educational facilities, local government and transport companies who have seen a significant reduction in the expense of general maintenance and repair and an increase in the life of their assets.

easy-on has even been utilised on legal graffiti artwork where it is important to ensure that the artwork is not ruined by vandals.

easy-on graffiti prevention coating

Chemical free graffiti removal

For those looking to remove graffiti from surfaces that are not protected by easy-on, the easy-off range provides a chemical free, environmentally friendly solution that anyone can use to remove unwanted graffiti. Unparalleled in its performance and ease of use, easy-off is simply one of the best cleaners on the market and suitable for anyone to use.

When used to remove unwanted graffiti, scuffs or marks on walls that have been coated with easy-on, easy-off will get to work straight away and remove any unwanted marks without the need for scrubbing.

Available for commercial projects and private use

All our products are suitable for both commercial and private application. If you own a building/property and wish to ensure that it remains clean and free from graffiti vandalism, or have been the victim of graffiti – contact us to discuss your requirements.