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  1. Taronga Wild! Rhinos meet the Royals


    It was the picture perfect moment the world had been waiting for. Royal baby Prince George giggled, smiled and played his way through just his second public engagement – a trip to the zoo with his parents Prince William and Kate on Sunday. The trio arrived at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo to visit the bilby enclosure…..

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  2. Taronga Zoo Wild Rhino Project Use Easy-On protective coating


    Environmental Coatings Australasia and our NSW partner Osprey NSW recently coated 125 rhino sculptures with easy-on for the Taronga Zoo Wild!Rhinos event. The easy-on protective coating was applied to the the colourful sculptures in preparation for their placement in the streets, parks and public spaces of Sydney, Dubbo and surrounds. The coating will provide a…..

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  3. Supporting Taronga Wild! Rhinos Project


    Environmental Coatings Australasia (ECA) are pleased to announce that we are proudly supporting the Taronga Conservation Society Australia’s Wild! Rhino project. Taronga Wild! Rhinos is a Wild in Art event that will bring businesses, artists and schools together to create a spectacular world-class sculpture trail through the streets, parks and public spaces of Sydney through the…..

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  4. Why Cool Roofs Are Way Cool


    A cool roof reflects and emits the sun’s energy as light back to the sky instead of allowing it to enter the building below as heat. In many climate zones, a cool roof can substantially reduce the cooling load of the building, providing several direct benefits to the building owner and occupants: increased occupant comfort, especially during hot…..

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  5. Insultec versus Ceramic Roof Paints


    Each summer resources are put under pressure coping with the huge surge in electricity demand. The reason, of course, is the drain caused by cooling devices as the country seeks to maintain an environment that is comfortable to live and work in and which preserves heat sensitive items. In the battle against green house emissions,…..

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