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Insultec versus Ceramic Roof Paints


Each summer resources are put under pressure coping with the huge surge in electricity demand. The reason, of course, is the drain caused by cooling devices as the country seeks to maintain an environment that is comfortable to live and work in and which preserves heat sensitive items.

In the battle against green house emissions, heat reflective roof paint is emerging as a vital tool. Heat reflective roof paints have distinct advantages over more traditional roof coverings. Buildings with commercial roofs are one of the greatest users of air conditioning, driving cooling costs for many complexes through the roof during the summer months. Naturally, thought turn to ways to block radiant heat and cut cooling costs. There are now a range of heat reflective roof paints on the market, but do they all achieve what they claim?

Insultec Performance Graph

Ceramic-based paints are one of the more common products on the market, containing a number of user-friendly elements that will make them popular for commercial roofing use. Ceramic paint contains elements that act to reflect significant amounts of heat while providing low heat transfer and good flexibility, therefore enabling the product to be advertised as a heat reflecting roof paint. However, tests conducted have proven dramatic variations in performance.

Insultec has proven to last up to ten years maintenance free and provide the same standard of heat reflection and insulation as normal ceramic based paint. Research has confirmed that ceramic based materials lose up to 30% effectiveness after one year and most available solar reflective paints can lose their reflective properties from between 30% to 70% in one year (C.S.I.R.O.) making Insultec the clear choice for businesses wanting a long lasting solution to their cooling problems.

While Insultec heat reflective roof paint is sprayed on in one application at 500 microns to achieve its exceptional results, ceramic would need to be applied at one litre per one square metre to achieve the same results. While ceramic paints have their place, for customers seeking maximum insulation benefits and a reduction in cooling costs, Insultec which contains no ceramic spheres, is clearly the superior product. It still maintains as good insulating metal roof paint and has also proven to be ideal asbestos roof paint.

Environmental Coatings Australia specialises in commercial and industrial roof insulation, renovation and removal, and Insultec Technology has used Insultec heat reflective roof paint extensively across major capital projects including the ‘Cool School’ program carried out on State school buildings across Queensland.

Insultec after gaining APAS approval (Australian Paint Approval Scheme) is now specified by the Dept. of Commerce NSW.